The Paranoid Squirrel ep 848

Acweorna! Far be it from me to tell you what books you should read. However, you could do a lot worse than to purchase the two in the picture above. On the left is “The Story Of The Hanoi Rocks Legend Razzle” by Ari Väntänen and on the right it’s “Kerosene In The Blood” by Rudy Charis about The Hellacopters. Both now have been published in English. Razzle’s is available to order here:

The Hellacopters is not officially out yet but when it is it’ll will be available here:

Right, onto what’s going on musically in this episode, apart from Producer Barton Stacey trying to electrocute me live on air, we’ve got “Covers Corner”, “Compare & Contrast” and the return of D & D Philpott’s “Grammar Free In The UK” all interspersed with the best in Punk, Junk & Glunk and Other Music for Uplifting Pflücker.

01 City Saints – On The Radio – Evil Conduct On The Radio – Sunny Bastards
02 The Cruel Intentions – Sunrise Over Sunset – Digital Single – Indie Recordings
03 Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music – Stories That Never Got Told – Variants Of Vibe – Wicked Cool Records
04 The Mike Bell Cartel – (I Can’t Live Up To Your) Hallucinations – The Cartel & I – Beluga Records
05 Chips Enuff – Heaven In A Bottle – Perfectly Imperfecton – Frontiers Music
06 The City Kids – Please Don’t Touch ft Ruyter Suys, Andy Barrott, Dave Kerr – The City Kids ep – Self Released
07 Pontus Snibb’s Wreck Of Blues ft Chips Kiesbye – 15 Days – Digital Single – Rootsy Music
08 Dirty Honey – Let’s Go Crazy – Digital Release
09 Jerusalem Slim – Downwardly Mobile – Attitude Adjustment – Self Released
10 Vince Neil – Can’t Have Your Cake – Exposed – Warner Bros
11 D & D Philpott’s Grammar Free In The UK ft Gerry Attrick from Fire Exit
12 UltraBomb – Hangman Vs Stickman – Time To Burn – UltraBomb Records
13 Psychotic Youth – Kick Out – Psychotic Youth/Kahuna Surfers split ep – Red West Production