The Paranoid Squirrel ep 856

Acweorna! How many of you are still confused about what day it is thanks to the Bank Holiday? Well, I am, I’m a day behind, I worked Good Friday, had the Monday off so now everything work wise is a day late. To whit this show was pre-recorded, so I could get more than 4 hours sleep. Hence these show notes are a wee bit late getting published. Newton’s at the Production helm this week as Barton’s on “Holiday” so it could’ve gone either way. There’s a couple of live tracks, on vinyl of course, well it is RSD, a brand-new Slaughter & the Dogs track that originally, I had trouble locating the physical album from whence it came. A Hanoi Rock song, again on vinyl, as I finally get to finish Razzle’s Biography. I’ve just started Sami Yaffa’s and I highly recommend it. Steve Vincent crops up to berate me, via messenger, for not listening carefully enough to a previous episode of his Mystery City Radio Show. Obviously, all in jest. I also mention my disappointment on constant repackaging of songs we already own. I worry, unnecessarily, that Captain Sensible might have jumped ship from The Damned, he hasn’t. “But Michael, I’m telling you the plot”  

01 The Good, The Bad and the Zugly – Song For A Prepper – Research And Destroy – Fysisk Format
02 Wasted – Gentrifucked – Modern Lie – Sabotage Records
03 The Snivelling Shits – Isgogaman? – Shits Alive – Damaged Goods
04 Slade – Get Down And Get With It – Slade Alive – Polydor Records
05 Slaughter & the Dogs – Stop Wasting My Time – Il Tradimento Silenzioso (The Silent Betrayal) – Blighty
06 Hanoi Rocks – Boiler (Me Boiler ‘n’ Me) – Two Steps From The Move – CBS
07 Michael Monroe – Murder Of The Summer Love – I Live Too Fast To Die Young – Silver Lining
08 Juvenile Wrecks – You Think She’s Yours – One Shot – Digital Single
09 The Steve Vincent Band – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Again) – Recovered From My Past
10 Motörhead – Shine – Drinking Songs For The Deaf – BMG Rights Management
11 Quazimofo – Pour One More – King Of The Trash – Savage Magic Records
12 The Damned – Thanks For The Night – Thanks For The Night 7” – Damned Records +1 Records