The Paranoid Squirrel ep 860

Acweorna! What can I say? It’s been a busy week listening to a great selection of the best is Punk, Junk & Glunk coupled with drinking, reading, catching up with mates and eating Pizza. Not necessarily in that order. Unfortunately, I couldn’t play all that I wanted to due embargos. Apparently, it’s all about timing in the PR world! Luckily what I could air, new, old and future, I think you’ll agree is all top notch and top draw/shelf stuff. “Covers Corner” is tucked away in there along with a choice demo. Take a look and then a listen;  

01 The Damned – New Rose (Live) – House of Blues Las Vegas 11-05-22
02 Michael Monroe – Dead, Jail or Rock ‘n’ Roll – Not Fakin’ It – Polygram
03 Motörhead – Stay Out Of Jail – The Lost Tapes Vol. 3 (Live in Malmö 2000) – BMG
04 Jo Dog and Paul Black’s Sonic Boom – Jesus Drives A School Bus – Everybody Rains On My
Parade – Black City Records
05 dandelion – Liverpool Kiss – dandelion – Walking Bird Records
06 Spot Mcrackin – YOYVR – New Tricks – Last Exit Records
07 Perilous – Rock ‘n’ Roll Kiss – Digital Single – Bandcamp
08 Dang!!! – Caliphate Hate – Digital Advanced Track
09 Cockroach Clan – Broken Rose – Digital Single – Bandcamp
10 Desperate Measures – Thinking Of England – Easy Action Records
11 HATE – Disgraceland – The Hate Record – Ghost Highway Recordings
12 The Cleopatras – Kiss Kiss Kiss – Bikini Grill – Ammonia Records
13 Chrissie Hynde, Steve Jones and Paul Cook – Do I Love You – 1978 Demo
14 Fake Names – It Will Take A Lifetime – Fake Names EP – Epitaph