The Paranoid Squirrel ep 863

Acweorna! What is it with our weather? One minute I’m roasting under a blazing hot Sun and then the next I’m literally drowning in a downpour. I guess the old saying “If you don’t like the British weather then wait a minute” holds true. Something else that holds true is another hours’ worth of the best in Punk, Junk & Glunk and Other Music For Uplifting Pflücker in The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. On this week’s show I touch upon age again, I also talk about The Boys gig down in Brighton and I get to play brand new, if not exclusive, tracks from the UK Subs and Janus Stark along with new material from the likes of Michael Monroe and Marc Valentine. “Covers Corner” features two tracks originally done by Kraftwerk. Look, then have a listen. 
01 Professional Againsters – If the Kids Don’t Hate It, It Ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll – Kill A Punk For Rock ‘n’ Roll – Cimex Records
02 The Black Moods – Youth Is Wasted On The Young – Into The Night – Wit Hustle/The Orchard/Steelhorse Entertainment
03 The Vulz – Chelsea Girls – Punk Apache Park West – Self Propelled Records
04 The Boys – Weekend – Boys Only – Safari
05 Jones Street – What Comes Around – Out Of The Gutter – Eonian Records
06 The Cruel Intentions – Chemical Vacation – Venomous Anonymous – Indie Recordings
07 The Sweet Things – Mentholated Blues – Brown Leather – Wendigo Productions NYC/Spaghetty Town Records
08 Michael Monroe – Young Drunks – Old Alcoholics – I Live Too Fast To Die Young – Silver Lining Records
09 UK Subs – Political Alamo – Reverse Engineering – Cleopatra Records
10 UltraBomb – Fear Your Gods – Time To Burn – UltraBomb Records
11 Janus Stark – Clusterfuck – Face Your Biggest Fear – Time & Matter Recordings
12 Marc Valentine ft. Wreckless Eric – Break My Heart Anyway – Future Obscure – Arcane Wires Records
13 The Routes – The Model – Twang Machine – Topsy-Turvy Records / Double Crown Records / Otitis Media Records
14 The Germans – Autobahn – The Germans – Self Released