The Paranoid Squirrel ep 864

Acweorna! Well, our Summer is well and truly here, no doubt by the next show we’ll be freezing our butts off. Definitely not the weather to get frustrated over new studio equipment that you can’t connect to your recording software. This week’s show was pre-recorded as I was melting up at the Hope & Anchor, all of which you’ll hear about next week. Back to this episode and you actually get to hear producer Barton Stacey as he accidently on purpose left his faders up. On the musical front we have a whole stack of new releases, re-issues and some just standalone gems. “Covers Corner” is of course once again present.    

01 Iggy & the Stooges – Shake Appeal – Raw Power – Columbia
02 The Volcanics – Volatile World – Digital Single – Bandcamp
03 The Damned – Wait For The Blackout – The Black Album – Chiswick Records
04 Marc Valentine ft Wreckless Eric – Death Is Overrated – Future Obscure – Arcane Wires Records
05 Waltari – A Forest – So Fine – Roadrunner Records
06 Marc Eden – Sign O’ The Times – Free – Self Released
07 Sator – Get Out Of My Way – Return Of The Barbie-Q-Killers – Wild Kingdom
08 Michael Monroe – Derelict Palace – I Live Too Fast To Die Young – Silver Lining Records
09 The Lords of the New Church – Open Your Eyes – Lords of the New Church – Illegal Records
10 The Clash – Combat Rock – Comat Rock 7” – CBS
11 Los Pepes – Keep Me Alive – The Happiness Program – Beluga Records
12 Slyder Smith & the Oblivion Kids – When The Rain Comes – Charm Offensive – Cargo Records
13 Discharge – Grave New World – Grave New World – Clay Records