The Paranoid Squirrel ep 870

Acweorna! I hope you enjoy this week’s show as much as I did recording it. A big thanks goes to Producer Barton Stacey who collated all the tunes together and researched the bands as I was up in Nottingham attending my Daughter’s Graduation. The show was once again pre-recorded as Thursday and Friday I was at The Beckenham Beer Festival. It was supposed to be on today (Saturday) but we drank it dry, all the Beer went late Friday. The photo above was taken post drinking hence the glazed “I love you man” look.  I think you’ll agree Barton did a great job holding it all together. Well take a look and then a listen and decide for yourself.

01 The Wildhearts – Getting It – PHUQ (Deluxe) – Round Records
02 The Gypsy Moths – Effortlessly – Following The Races – Rum Bar Records
03 Suzi Moon – Dumb & In Luv – Dumb & In Luv – Pirate Town Records
04 Vicious Blonde – Ignore Everybody – Digital Single – Bandcamp
05 Poison Boys – Take A Chance With Me – Don’t You Turn On Me – Golden Robot Records
06 Andy McCoy – Take Me I’m Yours – Jukebox Junkie – Cleopatra Records
07 Ziggy Pop – Search & Destroy – The Pirate Sessions – BandCamp
08 The Master Plan – Ooh Baby Ooh – Digital Release – Rum Bar Records
09 Thundermother – Look No Hooks – Black And Gold – AFM Records 10 Gelatin Skelatin – 80s Ladies – Digital Release
11 Grand Theft Audio – The Gods Of Rock – Pass Me The Conch – Technical Foul
12 Healthy Junkies ft Spizz – I Don’t Give A Damn – Live at The 100 Club
13 Janus Stark – One More Ghost – Face Your Biggest Fear – Time and Matter Recordings
14 Janus Stark Vs Ana Drinks Dogpiss – Misreceiving – Digital Release