The Paranoid Squirrel ep 873

Acweorna! So, the weather has turned slightly less inferno to a moderate “Shit it’s hot and humid”. Musically we’ve got Barton to thank for collating this week’s show as I was galivanting around the Henge Estate for my nephew’s wedding. “Covers Corner” is here but it’s spread over two parts. On the live front “WOW!” I attended, along with sell-out crowds, two fantastic gigs last week; The Dirty Strangers, the Juvenile Wrecks & Electrics on Thursday and then a day later the mighty Johnny Moped. On the new front it’s Tuk Smith & the Restless Hearts, The Vibrators and the Lee Love Affair. Take a look then have a listen.  
01 Captain Sensible – A Riot On Eastbourne Pier – Revolution Now – Deltic Records
02 Tuk Smith & the Restless Hearts – Ballad Of A Misspent Youth – Digital Release
03 The Vibrators – Burning Me Up – Falling Into The Sky – Cleopatra Records
04 Sator – Backstage Pass – Return Of The Barbie-Q-Killers – Wild Kingdom
05 The Cheats – Cussin’, Crying ‘n’ Carrying On – Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter 7” – Screaming Crow Records
06 Stacy Crowne – Dead Of Night – Radar Love 7” – Screaming Crow Records
07 Black Sheriff – Johnny’s Fight – Centerfold 7” – Screaming Crow Records
08 Helltrain – I Can Tell – Helltrain – Shakin’ Street Records
09 Lee Love Affair – Hold Me Down – Hold Me Down 4 track ep – Lux Noise Records
10 Electrics – My City (Live) – Dublin Castle 11-08-22
11 Juvenile Wrecks – Staring At The Rude Boys/Silly Thing (Live) – Dublin Castle 11-08-22
12 The Dirty Strangers – Real Botticelli (Live) – Dublin Castle 11-08-22
13 Johnny Moped – Living In A Dream World (Live) – Hope & Anchor 12-08-22