The Paranoid Squirrel ep 879

Acweorna! I got very excited compiling the music for this week’s show as all three of us, that’ll Producer Barton Stacey, Engineer Fenny Bridges and your genial host, that’s me, were bombarded with some great tunes for our consideration, the ones we chose you can read below and hear if you click the above link. “Covers Corner” is once again present but is combined with this week’s “Demo-lition Segmentation”. We have a couple of re-issues in the shape and form of Motorhead and The Beatles. In the live department it’s The Damned and Michael Monroe. Be excited as much as the team here at The Paranoid Squirrel were. Click on the band links for more information and to support the musicians involved.     
01 Dan Vapid & The Cheats – Welcome To Dystopia – Welcome To Dystopia – Eccentric Pop Records
02 Lucifer Star Machine – Censorshipped – Satanic Age – The Sign Records
03 More Kicks – In Love – Punch Drunk – Dirtnap Records/Stardumb Records
04 The Black Stars ft Steve Vincent – Believe (Demo) – Back In Black ep – Self Released
05 Motörhead – Iron Fist (Jackson Studio Demo) – Iron Fist 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition – BMG
06 The Vibrators – Interstellar Overdrive/Day Tripper – 1976-1977 Demos – DOJO  
07 The Resonation Project ft John Ellis – Future Blues (Demo) – A New View Of The Blues – Chanoyu Records
08 The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs – Know Your Product – All The Covers (And More) – Rum Bar Records
09 The Michael Monroe Band – Up Around The Bend (Live) – Helsinki Ice Hall 23rd September 2022
10 Ginger Wildheart & the Sinners – Footprints In The Sand – Ginger Wildheart & the Sinners – Wicked Cool Records
11 Eddie & the Hot Rods – Paradise – Guardians of the Legacy – BandCamp
12 The Beatles – Tax Man – Revolver (2022 Mix) – Parlophone
13 The Damned – Grimly Fiendish (Live) – Night Of A Thousand Vampires – earMUSIC
14 Syd Barrett – Gigolo Aunt – Barrett – Warner Music Group