The Paranoid Squirrel ep 884

Acweorna! I so want to swear here because the music and bands on this week’s show had me dancing around, punching the air and whooping with joy. Technically “Covers Corner” is here again this week, I just don’t announce it. Too be honest, today’s show pretty is a prelude into the 1st two original Damned re-union Shows at Hammersmith Odeon last Friday and Saturday, with me playing cuts from the supporting cast until it’s time for The Damned themselves. Having said that I think you’ll agree what precedes is pretty outstanding, but don’t take my word for it…….    

01 The Hydromatics – No Justice In Rock ‘n’ Roll – The Hydromatics – Easy Action
02 The Stripp – Ain’t No Crime (To Rock ‘n’ Roll) – Ain’t No Crime To Rock ‘n’ Roll – BandCamp
03 Jo-Jo & The Teeth – Don’t Get Too Heavy – No More Good News – Self Released
04 The Cosmic Dropouts – Cry Baby Cry – Groovy Things – That’s Entertainment/Apollon Records
05 Wipes – Stepping Out Of The Shade – Live Radio Woking
06 Black Bombers – Last Bite – Last Bite 7” – Easy Action Records
07 McRackins – Annebelle – McRackins Records
08 Dr Feelgood – Take A Second Look – Damn Right! – Grand Records
09 Smalltown Tigers – Find Myself Another Name – Five Things – Area Pirata Records
10 The Adverts – One Chord Wonders (John Peel Session) – Transmitted 29th April 1977
11 The Skids – Complete Control – Songs From A Haunted Ballroom – Cleopatra Records
12 Michael Monroe – Derelict Palace – I Live Too Fast To Die Young – Silver Lining Records
13 The Damned – I Feel Alright (Live) – Hammersmith Odeon 28-10-22 – LiveHereNow
14 The Damned – You Know (Live) – Hammersmith Odeon 29-10-22 – LiveHereNow