The Paranoid Squirrel ep 889

Acweorna! I’m not sure how long I can keep these two-hour shows going but I have to say I’m really enjoying putting them together. Whoever said “Rock ‘n’ Roll was Dead” and I don’t mean The Rubinoos, is so off the mark that they probably don’t get out to local gigs or listen to Radio shows like this one. If you do enjoy any of the bands on today’s show, click on their link and if you can purchase either their music or merch as it keeps them going, but you do and knew that already. To prove and underline the point, there’s a ton of new music on today’s episode, along with some classics, obviously. “Covers Corner” is present with arguably five. I talk about the UK Subs gig at the 229 and how I’m now the proud owner of one of Alvin Gibb’s basses. I get a few messages from the likes of Motorbitch, I Love Rich and Sister Morphine informing me about their new releases which get played. I did however forget to mention that The Ruts track aired is from a John Peel session. Right enough reading, start listening or as my old Art College lecture once said “Less Radio, more Television” it made sense at the time. I think he meant stop talking and start doing. Here’s the playlist.
01 Nasty Rumours – Shut The Hell Up – Bloody Hell, What A Pity – Wanda Records
02 The Boys – Wrong Arm Of The Law – Boys Only – Safari Records
03 Duncan Reid & The Big Heads – Don’t Blame Yourself – Don’t Blame Yourself – LBH Records
04 The Hip Priests – Shakin’ Ain’t Fakin’ – Roden House Blues – The Sign Records
05 Märvel – Turn The Page – Double Decade – The Sign Records
06 The Black Halos – Ready To Snap ft Michael Monroe – How The Darkness Doubled – Stomp Records
07 Sunday Morning – Junky Don’t Care – Self-Released
08 The Versions – Slow Death – Wake Up 7” – Algo Records
09 Sorry/Audio – Melody Lee – Bandcamp
10 The Damned – Antipope – Machine Gun Etiquette – Chiswick Records
11 The Blue Carpet Band – My Jacket (Is Better Than Your Jacket) – Rock ‘n’ Roll Carpet – Flicknife Records
12 Menace – G.L.C. – Test Of Time – Official Menace Recordings
13 UK Subs – Ice Age – Endangered Species – Nems
14 Ace of Spades – Iron Fist – Born To Booze – Live To Sin – Cleopatra Records
15 Motorbitch – Anarchy – Bad Habits – Bandcamp
16 I Love Rich – Rock and Roll Conspiracy – You Have The Right…To Remain Sexy – Self-Released
17 Sister Morphine – Ghosts Of Heartbreak City – Ghosts Of Heartbreak City – Big Egg Records
18 The Quireboys – Lie To Me – The Band Rolls On – Off Yer Rocka Recordings
19 Juvenile Wrecks – Voices In Your Head – Digital Release
20 The Ruts – Staring At The Rude Boys – John Peel Session
21 Neil Leyton – (I Got A Call From) Michael Maker – Digital Release – Shame Destroyer Records
22 The Tearaways – Keith, Charlie and Ringo – And For Our Next Trick – Dirty Water Records
23 The Apparents – When The Bombs Drop – Dead Generation – Bandcamp
24 The Three Blind Mice – In Cold Blood – Day’s Getting Dark – Beluga Records
25 Red Light Acid Test – Senseless – Digital Release
26 Michael Monroe – Dead, Jail Or Rock ‘n’ Roll – Not Fakin’ It – Polygram
27 Marionette – On A Night Like This – Blonde Secrets and Dark Bombshells – Heavy Metal Records