The Paranoid Squirrel ep 898

Acweorna! This week’s show seemed to come together very quickly, very organically and very last minute with the three of us, that’ll be me, Barton and Fenny, only finalising the running order yesterday afternoon a few hours, well six, before it aired on Rock Radio UK at 11pm. Three heads are better than one (Fnarr Fnarr). Joe Elliot and Paul Gray crop up more than once as do Motörhead(ish) and keeping with the interconnectedness, so do various members of spyplane and Flame Pilots. There’s a new feature called “Gigs I forgot to tell you about” but still no “Covers Corner”. What is the world coming to? Please don’t answer that…..
01 Motorhead – Motorhead (Live) – No Sleep Til Hammersmith – Bronze
02 The Liquorice Experiment – She’s Not Alone – How Many Lies – Snap Records
03 Earl Slick – Psycho Twang ft. Joe Elliot – Zig Zag – Schnitzel Music
04 Ghost – Spillways ft Joe Elliot – Digital Release – Loma Vista Recordings
05 Def Leppard – Let It Go – High ‘n’ Dry – Phonogram
06 Paradise Alley – Bad Timing & Silver Linings – Bad Timing & Silver Linings – Bombshell Records
07 spyplane – ReMemory – On Purpose – BandCamp
08 Flame Pilots – Anger – Together Apart – BandCamp
09 Professor and the Madman – Nightmare – Elixir Redux – Digital Release  
10 The Damned – Pleasure And The Pain – Strawberries – Bronze Records
11 Paint Fumes – Starting Over – Real Romancer – Dig! Records
12 Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – Killed By Death (Live) – Live In The North – Nuclear Blast