The Paranoid Squirrel ep 899

Acweorna! It’s another thrown together at the last-minute show. I’m not sure why I’m not getting things together earlier having to suffer the wrath of Barton in the process. Mind you having said that I’m pleased with the way it turned out. There’s a couple of tribute songs. One for Trevor Smith, no relation, who lived two doors down from me who has at one time and another drummed for Mark King and Level 42 along with more recently The Divine Comedy, who sadly passed away last weekend. The other is Phil Spalding who came to my attention as bassist in The Bernie Tormé Band. As it’s the 43rd Anniversary of Bon Scott’s passing on the 19th I play the last song he “performed” with AC/DC in the UK on Top of the Pops, but not the severely edited tv friendly version. A foreign language band prove a good song is a good song and as both versions of L.A. Guns have new albums out this year, I play a track from each. On the gig front I’ve booked to see the UK Subs on three of their “Farewell to Long Tours”. I wanted it to be four but the last date at the 100 Club was already sold out by the time I logged on to the venue website. Enjoy!  
01 The Rolling Stones – Get Off My Cloud – GRRR Live! – Mercury Studio
02 The Divine Comedy ft Trevor Smith – Catherine The Great (Live) – NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE mit Jan Böhmermann
03 The Bernie Torme Band – One Night Stands – Punk Or What? – Retrowreck Records
04 Turbocoopers – Otra Vez – Argentinaction Rock – Devil’s Beat Records
05 Metal Marty – Yada Yada, Blah Blah Blah – Metal Marty’s Greatest Hits – Acetate Records
06 Wig Wam – Bad Luck Chuck – Out Of The Dark – Frontiers Records
07 Civic – Born In The Heat – Taken By Force – Cooking Vinyl Australia
08 AC/DC – Touch Too Much – Highway To Hell – Atlantic Records
09 Continental Lovers – Wedding Song – BandCamp
10 U.K. Subs – Limo Life(Studio Session, New York) – Endangered Species Deluxe Edition – Cleopatra Records  
11 Mick Rossi’s Gun St. – Give Me Life – Gun St. – Secret Records Limited
12 L.A. Guns – You Betray – Black Diamonds – Frontier Records
13 Riley’s L.A. Guns – Rewind – The Dark Horse – Golden Robot Records14 The Guts – O.F.S.C. – Bandcamp