The Paranoid Squirrel ep 903

Acweorna! On this week’s show I feel all sorry for myself for once again missing out on a gig. I continue with “Albums that I listened to whilst waiting for Roadside Recovery”. That’ll be Speedbottles and Fake Names. “Star” crops up in three song titles, the last one comes courtesy of Bernie Tormé’s pen. Today would’ve been Bernie’s birthday but sadly he passed away 4 years ago, a day before his 67th.  8 out this week’s 15 tracks are alternative versions. I even produce my own mix of the Ramones cover of Motörhead’s “Ramones” with CJ and Joey duetting trading lines, with Lemmy on Chorus duties. Take a look and then a listen.
01 Bo Diddley – Pills – Pills 7” – Checker Records
02 Glen Matlock – Head On A Stick – Consequences Coming – Cooking Vinyl Limited
03 Speedbottles – Hat Man – Get Down And Pray – Barhill Records
04 Fake Names – Damage Done – Expendables – Epitaph
05 UltraBomb – Star – Time To Burn – DC Jam Records
06 Goo Goo Dolls – Lucky Star – Superstar Car Wash – Warner Bros
07 Tormé – Star – Back To Babylon – Zebra Records
08 Ramones ft Lemmy – R.A.M.O.N.E.S. – The Paranoid Squirrel Mix
09 The Monkees – Mommy and Daddy (Original Lyrics)
10 Janus Stark – Floyd (What Are You On?) USA Mix – Patreon
11 Supersuckers – The Captain – Must’ve Been High Demos – Improved Sequence
12 Dragstrip Guns – End Of The Line – Hearts On Fire (Original) – Bandcamp
13 Eater – Ann – Ann/Point Of View 7” – Holy Dotage Records
14 Duncan Reid and the Big Heads – Can We Go Out Now Please? (Demo) – Bandcamp  
15 The Mistakes – A Good Hill To Die On – A Good Hill To Die On – Time and Matter Recordings