The Paranoid Squirrel ep 919

Acweorna! Like last week’s show this episode was pre-recorded, only by a couple of hours mind you. This will have come to no surprise to those who follow me on Podbean as instead of selecting “schedule” so it would available as soon as the Rock Radio Broadcast had ended, I went for “publish now”. I was tired! Anyway, on this week’s show the first part is given over to my considered opinion on last week’s “Dog Day Afternoon” up at Crystal Palace Park playing songs from the bands that played. The second part of the show mainly consists of new releases, or in the case of The Phobics; something from their latest album. “Covers Corner” consists of only one song and I’m not sure about it. Have a listen.  

01 Lambrini Girls – Boys In The Band – You’re Welcome – Big Scary Monsters
02 Buzzcocks – Senses Out Of Control – Sonics In The Soul – Cherry Red Records
03 Stiff Little Fingers – My Dark Places – No Going Back – Rigid Digits
04 Generation Sex – Pretty Vacant (Live) – Dog Day Afternoon
05 Generation Sex – Ready Steady Go (Live) – Dog Day Afternoon
06 Blondie – Accidents Never Happen – Eat To The Beat – Chrysalis Records
07 Iggy Pop – Frenzy – Every Loser – Atlantic Records
08 David Bowie – I’m Afraid Of Americans (2021 Remastered) – Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) – Sony Records
09 The Phobics – Get Your Act Together – Burnt Rubber – Deptford Records
10 The Priscillas – Angela – Digital Release
11 Guerrilla Teens – Tell Me What To Do – Under The Dagger – Bandcamp
12 The New Christs – We Have Landed – Lower Yourself – Citadel Records 
13 Asomvel – Louder & Louder – Digital Release
14 The Psychodahlias – Persian Sails – Digital Release
15 The Dictators – Crazy Horses – Crazy Horses ep – Valley Entertainment