The Paranoid Squirrel ep 938

Acweorna! The musical News this week is that Rat Scabies is once again sitting behind The Damned drum kit watching the backs of Dave Vanian, Paul Gray, Captain Sensible and the profile of Monty. Obviously, I mention this, but I hold fire until the last quarter of the show. New music comes courtesy of Asomvel, Black Bombers, The Limit Club, The Hangmen, Johny and The Dead Girls, Scream, Carol Hodge ft Chris Catalyst, Victoria Liedtke & Jason Ringenberg and Fast Eddy. The Hip Priests, The Godfathers and The Phobics also get involved. I also mention that I was asked to join another Radio Station but I respectfully turned them down. Click the above link to hear more…..
01 Asomvel – Cold Day In Hell – Born To Rock ‘n’ Roll – Self Released
02 The Hip Priests – Shakin’ Ain’t Fakin’ – Roden House Blues – The Sign Records
03 The Limit Club – Crying Holy Water – Phantom Cat Productions
04 The Hangmen – The Last Time I Saw You – Stories To Tell – Acetate Records
05 The Godfathers – Cold Turkey – Hit By Hit – Corporate Image
06 The Phobics – Chatterbox – Last Man Standing New York Dolls Tribute – Time To Be Proud
07 Black Bombers – Boys Keep Swinging – Vive Le Revolution – Easy Action Records
08 Johny and The Dead Girls – No Class – Dirty Fuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll – Bandcamp
09 Scream – I Saw Ya (I Wanna Be Like Captain) – DC Special Sha La La – Discord Records
10 The Damned – Stranger On The Town – Strawberries – Bronze Records
11 Carol Hodge ft Chris Catalyst – Vertiginous Drops – Midnight Stamp Records
12 Victoria Liedtke & Jason Ringenberg – Life Rides The Train – More Than Words Can Tell – Judee Bop Records
13 Fast Eddy – Spirit Commander – To The Stars – Beluga Records