The Paranoid Squirrel ep 959 (Sunday Edition Revisited)

Acweorna! For those who listened in live, or have streamed/downloaded Friday’s Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show will know I had to hand over the reins to Barton and Fenny for the last part of the show as I was so knacked that I could not concentrate on what I was saying let alone doing. Hence the show ended not how we had planned it. Therefore, Sunday’s show really is now a non-repeat as I’ve re-recorded the last 10-12 minutes giving Cock Sparrer, The Members and Deathtraps the recognition that they deserve. So, no Day 21 or Faith No More this time around. Re-enjoy with added Role Models.

01 New Bomb Turks – Veronica Lake – At Ropes End – Epitaph
02 The Hip Priests – I Don’t Need You – I Don’t Need You/Nadir Love – Shitpark Records
03 Alvin Gibbs and The Disobedient Servants – Ghost Train –  Your Disobedient Servant- Time & Matter Recordings
04 Chris Catalyst – Together In Electric Dreams – Chris’s Kitchen Disco Vol. 2 – BandCamp
05 The Methadones – Goodbye To You – 21st Century Power Pop Riot – Red Scare
06 Baron Von Steele – I Ran (So Far Away) – Baron Von Steele – Digital Release
07 CB Kiddo – Tell Me You Love Me – Running To You – BandCamp
08 Cola Cubes – Bold Street Beach – Bold Street Beach Cassette – BandCamp
09 The Damned – Therapy – Black Album – Chiswick Records
10 Kissa – Cola Girl 98 – Apinalinna – Svart Records
11 Cock Sparrer – Here We Stand – Hand On Heart – Cherry Red Records
12 The Members – No More A & E – Greetings From Knowhere – Cadiz/Anglocentric
13 Deathtraps – Countdown To Destruction – The Golden Age Of Road Rage ep 1 – Spirt Of Disaster Records
14 Role Models – Saturday Night – Lost In The City – BandCamp