The Paranoid Squirrel ep 968

Acweorna! I unintentionally, or maybe it was deliberate, started this week’s show off with pretty much a tribute to Phil Lewis by playing some Girl, Tormé and LA Guns but then I stay with the interconnectedness by playing new songs by former LA Guns members Kurt Frohlich and Johnny Monaco. The rest of the show is taken up by new bands to me, apart from Two Headed, well I knew who the members were and Flesh For Lulu. I also reveal who is joining on guitar, Simon Edwards, Paul Gray, Steve Vincent and Billy Hopeless in my musical project. I might’ve even played a snippet…..

01 Girl – Take Me Dancing – Sheer Greed – Jet Records
02 Tormé – Star – Back To Babylon – Zebra Records
03 L.A. Guns – Rip & Tear ft Bernie Tormé (Live) – Camden Underworld
04 Kurt Frohlich – I Don’t Want It – 1977 – Golden Robot Records
05 Johnny Monaco – Breaking Up – She Said She Found Her Soulmate – Self Released
06 The Hypermatics – Goin’ For The Thrill – Digital Release
07 Reynaldo Jenkins and the Teardrops – Trouble – The Short Way Up – 1389792 Records
08 Red Hot n Dizzy – Sleep On Fire – A Piece Of My Own – Caveman Tap Record
09 Sunday Mourners – Boyfriend/Girlfriend – Boyfriend/Girlfriend – BandCamp
10 Two Headed – Out Of Time – Shattered Diamonds – Chaputa Records
11 Spleen – Dystopic School – Dystopic School – Contempo Records
12 Torpedoes – Artificial Life – Heaven’s Light Our Guide – Bin Liner Records
13 Flesh For Lulu – Head Out Of This World – Cosmic Mind Fuck – Time and Matter Recordings