The Paranoid Squirrel ep 894

Acweorna! Once again, it’s time for me to spout off what’s happening on this week’s show. So here goes; I popped up the The 100 Club on the 7th to see The Boys, so I talk about that. Asomvel have a new drummer, Metal Marty from the Supersuckers has his debut album out shortly, as do Rich Ragany and the Digressions, Bithammer! have released a new single. I go back in time to play The Wanderers, New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks and end up with a new track by a new band called The Bites. Oh and obviously, as the show aired on Friday 13th I played, as you can see below, “Disco Man” by The Damned…….
01 The Damned – Disco Man (Live) – Molten Lager – Musical Tragedies
02 Continental Lovers – Can’t Get Her Outta My Head – Dale Arden – Snap Records
03 The Vulz – Acetone Vapour – Love Struck Bomb Delay – Self Propelled Records
04 The Boys – Jimmy Brown – On Safari – Captain Oi
05 Hanoi Rocks – Keep Our Fire Burning – Keep Our Fire Burning CDs – Major Leidén Productions
06 Asomvel – When The World Comes Down – Live in the Studio
07 Bithammer! – Fucked Up And Stupid – Digital Release
08 Little Triggers – Personality Crisis – Digital Release – Colorama Records
09 New York Dolls – Personality Crisis – New York Dolls – Mercury Records
10 Sister Morphine – Nothing Dirty In The Truth – Ghosts of Heartbreak City – Big Egg Records
11 Metal Marty – Goddamn Divorce – Greatest Hits – Acetate Records
12 Rich Ragany & The Digressions – One Last Thing To Prove – What We Do (To Not Let Go) – Barrel And Squidger Records
13 UFO – Lights Out – Lights Out – Chrysalis Records
14 The Wanderers – Ready To Snap – Only Lovers Left Alive – Polydor
15 The Bites – Do Me A Favour – Squeeze – Earache Records