The Paranoid Squirrel ep 934 (Sunday Edition)

Acweorna! Once again things went askew timing wise on Friday’s Live Show with me having 3 minutes of time to kill before Will Meadows took to the air with his “Classic Rock Show”. Fortunately, I managed to avoid Dead Air with some Radio Birdman. On this the Sunday non-repeat I, with some editing and re-recording, swapped the Damned and Radio Birdman around making the ending sound almost professional. So, if you’ve not listened to the Friday’s episode yet here’s the more balanced Sunday Morning Edition.

01 CJ Wildheart – Butterfingers – SPLiT – Devilspit Sound Labs
02 Thåström & The Hellacopters – Ågren – En Valsmelodi 7”
03 Motörhead – Climber (Demo) – Another Perfect Day (40th Anniversary) – BMG
04 The Loyalties – Green Eyes (Demo) – Think About It – Black Lodge Relics
05 Lords of the New Church with Micheal Monroe – I Wanna Be With You (Demo) – Method To My Madness – Black Lodge Relics
06 Steve Vincent – Poison Heart – Re Covered From My Past – Bombshell Records
07 The Vibrators – Photograph – A Punk Tribute To Weezer – Cleopatra Records
08 Gypsy Pistoleros – Like Tears In The Rain – Duende A Go Go Loco – Earache Records
09 Psychotic Youth – High and Low – Happy Songs – RedEye Worldwide/Kool Kat Musik
10 Thunderstick – Who The Devil Are You – Lockdown – Roulette Records
11 Radio Birdman – 455SD (1995 Remix) – Living Eyes (Deluxe) – Citadel Records
12 The Damned – Curtain Call – The Black Album – Chiswick Records