The Paranoid Squirrel ep 956

Acweorna! The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show that aired yesterday on Rock Radio UK was a pre-recorded affair as I had a ticket to see Buzzcocks up at The Camden Palace (sic). Unfortunately, real life conspired against me and I couldn’t make it. Gutted is not the word! The show was recorded over two stints Thursday. One in the morning after a trip to my Doctors with the second part recorded after I had got back from the Dentist after having a filling replaced that required two local injections that completely numbed my lips and tongue. Two things that are really necessary for cohesive speech. I mean I don’t really need any help in the bad pronunciation stakes.   
01 The Lords of Altamont – $4.98 – Lords Have Mercy – Gearhead Records
02 Buzzcocks – Manchester Rain – Sonics In The Soul – Cherry Red
03 The Chesterfield Kings – Meet You After Midnight – Digital Release
04 The Damned – Hit Or Miss (Test Pressing Sampler) – Black Album (Test Pressing Sampler) – Chiswick Records
05 The Dictators – The Savage Beat – D.F.F.D. – Dictators Multimedia
06 2sevenS – Your Song – Back On Track – 4077868 Records
07 Janus Stark – Allowed To Talk – Panic Attack, The ‘Lost’ Great Adventure Cigar pre-production recordings (Part One) – Time and Matter Recordings
08 The Maharajas – Don’t Need You Baby – Rock ‘n’ Roll Graduates – Chaputa! Records
09 The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs – Long Haul – Call The Dogs ep – Heavy Medication Records
10 MFC Chicken – Bear-Sized Skeeters – Digital Release – Chaputa! Records
11 The Hip Priests – Zero Fucks Given – Black Denim Blitz – No Balls Records
12 Juvenile Wrecks – One Shot – Digital Release
13 Continental Lovers – Make Up Your Mind – Digital Release
14 Grease Helmet ft Andy McCoy – Bigger Than Rock ‘n’ Roll – Grease Helmet – AXR Music
15 The Wylde Tryfles – I Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love – Outta Tyme – Soundflat Records
16 The Brooms – Don’t You Tell Me – Freakin’ Out – Chaputa! Records