The Paranoid Squirrel ep 843

Acweorna! Before I get into it, a short history lesson for you as today, as in the 22nd January, is the 143rd anniversary of the start of the Defence Of Rorke’s Drift which ended a day later with 150 British and Colonial Troops fending off 3,000 to 4,000 Zulu Warriors. I shall be over the course of the day re-watching the film “Zulu” or re-listening to the Claytown Troupe’s “Out There” LP. On the musical front I’m already selecting songs for next week which I hope you will enjoy as much as I currently am, but that’s all in the future. On this week’s show I have for your listening pleasure;   

01 Hardcore Superstar – Forever And A Day – Abrakadabra – Gain
02 The Quireboys – Right on Track (Live at Donington 1990) – The Best Of The Quireboys – Parlophone
03 Foo Fighters – Times Like These – One By One – Rosewell • RCA
04 The Cheap Cassettes – Your I’s Are Too Close Together – Ever Since Ever Since – Rum Bar Records
05 The Vibrators – Come As You Are – How Long – Cleopatra Records
06 Reckless Love – Bark At The Moon – Turborider – AFM Records
07 The Phobics – Politics – Burnt Rubber – Down ‘n’ Out Records
08 Motörhead – Bomber – Bomber – Bronze Records
09 Rhoades D’Ablo ft. Steve Vincent – Revolution – Digital Release
10 Mischief ft Alan Lee Shaw & Paul Gray – Such A Fine Time – Hubble Bubble – NDN Records
11 Ravagers – Shake The Reaper – Bandlands – Spaghetty Town Records • Wanda Records
12 Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music – Standing In The Dark – Variants of Vibe – Wicked Cool Records
13 Ghost – Call Me Little Sunshine – Impera – Loma Vista • Concord