The Paranoid Squirrel ep 910

Acweorna! On this week’s episode I finish off playing my Record Shop (sic) Day purchases and a handful of tracks that were earmarked for last week but due to time constraints I couldn’t fit them all in finally get an airing. There’s a couple of demos, The Boys one features the rhythm section from the Bernie Torme band as in Phil Spalding and Mark Harrison on bass and drums respectively. Joe Maddox from the Continental Lovers actually starts the demo segmentation. Both Suzi Moon and Billy Hopeless’ duets get played, with The Bites and Hawkwind finishing this week’s show.  

01 Borracho – Kozmic Safari – Kozmic Safari/The Deep Unknown – Bandcamp
02 The Damned – Motorcycle Man – Darkadelic – earMUSIC
03 Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back In Town – Live and Dangerous at The Hammersmith Odeon 14th November 1976 – Universal Music
04 Mal-One – Damned Disciple – Punk Rock Pictures On My Wall – PunkArt Records
05 Glorious Bankrobbers – I’m A Drudge – Back On The Road – Bollmora Rekords
06 The 69 Eyes – California – Death Of Darkness – Atomic Fire Records
07 Trading Aces – California Schemin’ – Rock ‘n’ Homicide – Ripple Music
08 Joe A Maddox – Slave (To You) [Demo] – Bandcamp
09 The Boys – Love Song (Demo) – Odds & Sods – Voraus Records
10 Suzi Moon/Billy Hopeless – Love Is A Stranger – Nothing Left To Lose – Yeah Right! Records
11 Suzi Moon/Billy Hopeless – Communicado – Nothing Left To Lose – Yeah Right! Records
12 The Bites – Knocking On Your Door – Squeeze – Earache Records
13 Hawkwind – The End – The Future Nevers Waits – Cherry Red Records