The Paranoid Squirrel ep 917

Acweorna! I tried to emulate last week’s show by talking less and playing more music, it sort of worked, but listening back to it, for quality control purposes you understand and nothing to do with ego, I missed the sound of my own voice….. “Covers Corner” throws up some interesting choices but pales into insignificance next to “Compare & Contrast”. I never thought McFly would get an airing! Country Rock also comes into play as part of my quest to find out what the Rock kids of today are listening to. What are they musically rebelling against? I also threw out on the socials a repost from years ago telling people The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show doesn’t have an ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ playlist and if you’re in a DIY band send me your mp3s and I’ll play you. Listen out for a couple of tunes from artists who were pointed in my generally direction.  

01 The Cruel Intentions – White Line Denied – Indie Recordings
02 Girlschool – It Is What It Is – WTFortyFive – Silver Lining Music
03 Warner E. Hodges – Preaching To The Choir – Boots Up – JCPL
04 Supersuckers – Pretty Fucked Up – Motherfuckers Be Tripping – Md-Fi Recordings
05 Bob Wayne – Crazy Train – Hits The Hits – People Like You
06 Dolly Parton – Magic Man – Rockstar – Butterfly/Big Machine Records
07 Confidential – Creep – Digital Release
08 The King Zoots – Love Conquers All – Digital Release
09 The Knack – My Sharona – Get The Knack – Capitol
10 Joan Jett & the Black Hearts – Bad Reputation – Bad Reputation – Ariola
11 McFly – God Of Rock & Roll – Power To Play – BMG 
12 Queens of the Stone Age – Monsters In The Parasol – Rate R – Interscope Records
13 The Mob – Cry Of The Morning – Let The Tribe Increase – All The Madmen Records
14 Motörhead – Snaggletooth – Live at Montreux Jazz Festival ’07 – BMG