The Paranoid Squirrel ep 927

Acweorna! Sorry about today’s late show note posting, but I was hard at work. I can hear you laughing Barton. It’s another great selection, if I say so myself, of the best in Punk, Junk & Glunk. There are some re-issues, but the majority of the show is all about the new. I do, like I have spare time, add some Rob Tyner vocals to Michael Monroe’s version of “Kick Out The Jams” but only for about the 1st minute because I ran out of time. Did I tell you that I don’t have much spare time…..
01 Alice Cooper – Welcome To The Show – Road – earMusic
02 The Casanovas – The Devil In Me – Backstreet Rhythms – Rubber Records
03 Velvet Insane – Saturday Night ‘til Sunday Morning – High Heeled Monster – Wild Kingdom
04 Powderfinger – Rockin’ Rocks – Vulture Street (20th Anniversary Edition) – Universal Music
05 The Cheats – Automatic Reaction – Cheap Pills – Screaming Crow Records
06 Cyanide Pills – Do You Wanna Go Out Tonight? – Soundtrack To The New Cold War – Damaged Goods Records
07 The Boys – Organ Grinder (2023 Mix) – Organ Grinder 7” – Woimasointu
08 Marc Valentine – Jinx Of Finchley Road – Digital Release – Wicked Cool Records
09 Young Francis HiFi – Do You Like Good Music – The New Generation – Bandcamp
10 Chris Catalyst – Emergency – Bandcamp
11 Chuck Ransom – Gotta Keep Movin’ On (Radio Edit) – Digital Release
12 The Riptide Rats – Breaker – Bandcamp
13 Kurt Baker – She Don’t Wanna Be Alone – Rock ‘n’ Roll Club – Wicked Cool Records
14 Geoff Palmer – Give It Up – An Otherwise Negative Situation – Wicked Cool Records
15 The Hangmen – Midnight Riders – Stories To Tell – Acetate Records
16 The Hallingtons – Last Days Of Summer – Digital Release
17 Michael Monroe – Kick Out The Jams ft Rob Tyner