The Paranoid Squirrel ep 933

Acweorna! Bandcamp Friday purchases take up the first part of this episode before The Damned with a tribute to Malcom Owen and The Hydromatics, Rest In Peace Tony Slug, get us back on track. Due to a technical issue CJ Wildhearts “Butterfingers” did not air but was his album “SPLiT” was talked about. Steve Conte he of The Micheal Monroe Band has a new solo single out that obviously gets an airing, then “Covers Corner” features a couple of songs from “The Songs That Demolition 23 Taught Us” album. Sator hit us with 64 seconds of music taken from a 14 track compilation 7” (!!). On the demo front it’s The Cheats and then a couple from Green Day of the same song. Enjoy.
01 The Wildhearts – Getting It – PHUQ (Deluxe) – Round Records
02 Sorry & The Sinatras – Early Heartache – Highball Roller (2023) – Undergroove Records
03 Criminal Damage – Kicked To Shit – Punk Fucking Rock – Criminal Damage Records
04 The Members – The Boy From Nowhere – The Boy From Nowhere
05 The Cides – The Rebel – Digital Release
06 The Damned – The Limit Club – Radio One Sessions – Night Tracks
07 The Hydromatics – R.I.P. Rock ‘n’ Roll – Powerglide (Hi Octane Edition) – Easy Action Records
08 Steve Conte – The Girl With No Name – Digital Release – Wicked Cool Records
09 Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds – Nothin’s Alright – The Songs That Demolition 23 Taught Us – Ghost Highway Recordings
10 The Chuck Norris Experiment – Hammersmith Palais – The Songs That Demolition 23 Taught Us – Ghost Highway Recordings
11 Sator – Keep Walking (To Make A Long Story Short) – Short & Swede – Ghost Highway Recordings
12 Stop Calling Me Frank – My Band On Her T-Shirt- Digital Release -Rum Bar Records
13 The Cheats – I Just Want To Tell You (Demo) – The Cheats – Bandcamp
14 Green Day – Basket Case (4 Track Demo) – Dookie (30th Anniversary) – Reprise
15 Green Day – Basket Case (Cassette Demo) – Dookie (30th Anniversary) – Reprise