The Paranoid Squirrel ep 935

Acweorna! It might be damp and now seasonably cold with my heating coming on this morning…£££££…but warming the cockles of your heart is another hours’ worth of the best in Punk, Junk & Glunk otherwise known as The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show that hit the digital airwaves last night on Rock Radio UK which of course you can now Stream and Download and listen to at your leisure. Here’s the playlist.
01 The Damned – Wait For The Blackout – The Black Album – Chiswick Records
02 The Beatles – Love Me Do (Ringo Version) – Love Me Do 7” – Parlophone Records
03 The Rolling Stones – Bite My Head Off – Hackney Diamonds – Polydor Records
04 Slade – C’mon Feel The Noize – C’mon Feel The Noise 7” – Polydor Records
05 The Crybabys – Where Have All The Good Girls Gone – Where Have All The Good Girls Gone – Receiver Records
06 Duncan Reid & the Bigheads – First Time – Live At Akkurat – LBH Records
07 Steve Grantley & the Zed Hedz – Where Did Poison Ivy Go? – Where Did Poison Ivy Go? Ep – Hypermania Records
08 The Professionals – Kick Down The Doors – Didn’t See It Coming – Virgin Records
09 Marc Valentine – Skeleton Key – Basement Sparks – Wicked Cool Records
10 Marc Valentine – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Skeleton Key 7” – Wicked Cool Records
11 Goo Goo Dolls – Never Take The Place Of Your Man – Live At The Academy 1995 – Warner Bros
12 New York Dolls – We’re All In Love – One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This – Roadrunner Records