The Paranoid Squirrel ep 847

Acweorna! I hope those of you affected by Storm Eunice are safe and well. Musically, I’m excited. Admittedly, music always excites me but this week I was constantly revising and updating what I should play you on this week’s show. Part of me wished to ask the powers that be at Rock Radio UK for a show extension doubling up to two hours. Common sense and the fact they told me to “Do one”, I assume by “one” they meant one hour, put pay to that idea. Although on this MixCloud version you get to hear the full Mandela Effect mix of a live Hawkwind song(s). Also, in a world exclusive, I air a brand spanking new track from The Bwanas. I also discover that there is a UK Heritage Chart ( Scroll down to see which artist or artists that I voted for.* Enjoy, I did.

01 Spot Mcrackin – Isolation Therapy – New Tricks – Last Exit Records
02 The Hate Tape ft current and former members of The Hip Priests & TV CRIME – Some Of My Brothers Only Have One Speaker – The Hate Tape – Cassette Release
03 JJ & The Real Jerks – Out Of My Means – Back To The Bottom – Deadbeat Records
04 The Wildhearts – Getting It – P.H.U.Q. (Deluxe) – Round Records
05 Fucked Up – Dream Come True – Dolly Mixture ep – Fucked Up Records
06 Hard Skin – 1-2-3 – Fucked Up/Hard Skin Split 7” – No Future Records
07 Pete Stride & Honest John Plain – Laugh At Me – New Guitars In Town – Beggars Banquet*
08 Manic Street Preachers – Rock ‘n’ Roll Music – Lipstick Traces, The Secret History of the Manic Street Preachers – Sony Records
09 Neon Animal – Rock ‘n’ Roll War [Radio Edit] – Make No Mistake – Cargo Records
10 The DeRellas – Underground LUV – Somethings Got To Give – Rockaway Records
11 The Bwanas – Endless Pain – The Bwanas – Underground Music/Closer Records
12 Asomvel – Into The Fire – Digital Single
13 Hawkwind – Sonic Alliance (Live) Mandela Effect Mix – Zones – Flicknife Records