The Paranoid Squirrel ep 851

Acweorna! Obviously, I enjoy collating music for the show, I mean if I didn’t, I wouldn’t do it, but this week I really got into it, cassettes, demos, vinyl and new great music. A fun week all round, I even managed to catch Crystal Palace holding Man City to a draw, all right it was goalless, but still a point is a point. Fingers crossed against Everton in the FA Cup on Sunday. I mention in the show that’ll give you links for this that and the other, so here they are.

For the link to Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids Kick Starter Campaign click HERE

To pre-order CJ Wildhearts “Lives” Best Of… album click HERE

And still very much a work in progress for the audio version of D & D Philpott’s Grammar Free In The UK click HERE

01 The Wildhearts – Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes (Anti Dance Mix) – Don’t Be Happy…Just Worry – EastWest Records
02 Michael Monroe – Machine Gun Etiquette – Peace Of Mind – Poko Rekords
03 Jeff Dahl & The American Ruse – One Track Mind – One Track Mind/Loose 7” – Reduced To Clear Records
04 MC5 – Ramblin’ Rose – Kick Out The Jams – Elecktra Records
05 Urge Overkill – Freedom! – Oui – Omnivore Recordings
06 Hoodoo Gurus – A Hard Day’s Night – Ampology – Acadia
07 Hoodoo Gurus – Hang With The Girls – Chariot Of The Gods – Big Time
08 UltraBomb – Star – Time To Burn – UltraBomb Records
09 D & D Philpott’s Grammar Free In The UK ft Viki Vortex
10 CJ Wildheart – Hit It On The Head – Demo
11 Last Great Dreamers – Miles Away – 13th Floor Renegades – Ray Records
12 Matt Speedway – Frankly I Want You To Die – The Sincerely Form Of Flattery – Bandcamp
13 Hate – Little Johnny Thunder’s Is A Motormouth – The Hate Tape – Self Released Cassette
13 The SoapGirls – Breathe – In My Skin – Bandcamp
14 CJ Wildheart/The Wildhearts – Hit It On The Head – The Paranoid Squirrel Mash-Up (Streaming Bonus Track)