The Paranoid Squirrel ep 874

Acweorna! It’s been a busy week; work, work and more work, catching up with mates over a Pizza and listening to some fabulous music. I’d also better mention it was my Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday. Wine, beer and a Curry was consumed. Sounds pretty much like a normally day….  “Covers Corner” takes on 4 tracks, one of which is live. There’s only one brand new original track this week but thanks to my nephew getting married I’ve discovered Icca’s Belle, a track of course I play. Here’s all the links. Enjoy.
01 The Rude Kids – Raggare Is A Bunch Of Motherfuckers – Worst Of….A Pardonless Collection – Distortion Records
02 UK Subs – Keep On Running (Til You Burn) [2018] – Screaming Senile – U.K. Subs Records
03 The Damned – Rabid (Over You) – White Rabbit 7” – Chiswick Records
04 Prisoners Of Millbank – England Burns – No Ghosts On Sunday – de Havilland Music
05 Continental Lovers – Wedding Song – Digital Release
06 Ginger Wildheart – Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now – G.A.S.S. – Round Records
07 The Cheats – Look At You – XXI – Self Released
08 Steve Vincent – Poison Heart – Re Covered From My Past (Bonus Disc) – Bombshell Records
09 Toyah ft Robert Fripp – Slave To The Rhythm – Digital Release.
10 The City Kids – Pretty Fucked Up – Live at The Black Heart 19-08-22
11 Role Models – Little Let Down – Fuck You, See You At The Talent Show – Bandcamp
12 Pernilla Andersson – Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial – Digital Release
13 Icca’s Belles – Burning Flame – Vale Session – Digital Release
14 Ramones – Judy Is A Punk (Mono) – Ramones 40th Anniversary – Sire Records