The Paranoid Squirrel ep 929

Acweorna! The first half of this week’s show is pretty much taken over with my report of seeing the UK Subs down in Royal Tunbridge Wells and in Exeter a couple of days later. Obviously, I play music from the Subs and the bands that supported them. I even go as so far as to play two tracks off The Mistakes and the Subs and Split 7” that leads nicely into this week’s “Covers Corner”. I know I only played some Duncan Reid and the Big Heads and The Electric Boys on last week’s episode but as both officially released their new albums this week it seemed appropriate to air something else. Danko Jones also released his/their new album “Electric Sounds” on Friday. “Good Time” I say. Before Danko I play a new acoustic track from The Godfathers “Alpha Beta Gamma Delta PLUS” that’s due out next month. Eater’s frontman Andy Blade is on the cusp of releasing a solo album as Andy Blade + Buddies. Those Buddies are Rat Scabies, Derwood Andrews and Katerina Sharkova. In a new segmentation called “Mick & Keef Talk” Dartford’s favourite sons give us 1 ½ minutes of their time. Here’s the play list and links.
01 Desperate Measures – Back To The Rats – Digital Release – Wipe Out Records
02 UK Subs – Scum Of The Earth – Another Kind Of Blues (Expanded Edition) – Captain Oi
03 TV Smith – Polityka – Together For Ukraine – Bandcamp
04 Chelsea – Mission Impossible – Mission Impossible – Westworld Recordings
05 UK Subs – Keep On Running (To You Burn) 2018 – Screaming Senile – Time & Matter Recordings
06 The Mistakes – Standard Definition – The Mistakes/UK Subs split 7” – Safety Pin/Time & Matter
07 UK Subs – She’s Not There (Previously Unreleased Demo) – The Mistakes/UK Subs split 7” – Safety Pin/Time & Matter
08 The Chuck Norris Experiment ft Jake Starr – BATS! – BATS! ep – Ghost Highway Recordings
09 Wingmen – I Can Hear The Grass Grow – Don’t Look Back 10” – Cadiz Music
10 Gypsy Pistoleros – Come On Eileen – Digital Release
11 Duncan Reid and the Big Heads – Oh My My – And It’s Goodbye From Him – Little Big Head Records
12 The Electric Boys – Cozmic Jagger – Grand Explosivos – Mighty Music
13 The Godfathers – Bring On The Sunshine (Acoustic) – Alpha Beta Gamma Delta PLUS – Godfather Recordings
14 Danko Jones – Good Time – Electric Sounds – AFM Records
15 Andy Blade + Buddies – You’re Strange – Bandcamp