The Paranoid Squirrel ep 930

Acweorna! The UK Subs once again feature on this episode, firstly with a cover of an AC/DC track and then Mick discovers the band in this week’s “Mick & Keef Talk”. Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars might’ve just met their match in “Compare & Contrast” when they come up against Paradise Alley! The Speedways are just about to release a “Best of Album” with some updated 2023 versions of four songs. Obviously, I play one. New music comes courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire, Perilous, The Dandy Warhols, Craggy Collyde and The Bites. “Covers Corner” features Wingmen, Micky Dolenz and the aforementioned UK Subs. In the “Classic but not drastic” segmentation I have Rush and The Damned.

01 The Dictators – Thank You And Have A Nice Day – Digital Release – Valley Entertainment
02 The Speedways – Seen Better Days ‘23 – Triple Platinum – Snap!!/Beluga Records
03 Robin Black and The Intergalactic Rock Stars – Screwed It Up – Planet: Fame – TB Records
04 Paradise Alley – Looking At You – The Rest Of The Best – Bombshell Records
05 Scumbag Millionaire – Through Hell and Fire – All Time Low – Suburban Records
06 Perilous – Always Dreamed Of… – YEAH! – Bandcamp
07 Rush – Cold Fire – Counterparts – Anthem
08 Wingmen – Solid Gold Easy Action – Don’t Look Back 10” – Cadiz Music
09 Micky Dolenz – Shiny Happy People – Dolenz Sings R.E.M. – 7a Records
10 UK Subs – Hells Bells – High Voltage Punk – A Tribute To AC/DC – Cleopatra Records
11 The Dandy Warhols – The Summer Of Hate – Rockmaker
12 Craggy Collyde – Hold Your Head Up High – The House Next Door – Mai Lei Bel
13 The Bites – Love Affair – Squeeze – Earache Records
14 The Damned – The History Of The World part 1 (Single) – Chiswick Records