The Paranoid Squirrel ep 941

Acweorna! Many apologises for the late posting of the show notes for Friday’s Rock Radio UK Broadcast otherwise known as The Paranoid Squirrel ep 941. As you will hear I was up seeing The Spangles and The Hip Priests at the Water Rats after which I walked up to our Hotel just by Euston Station as first thing Saturday morning we were off to Manchester for the Christmas Market, didn’t get back in until about 1 o’clock this morning so with no Computer until now these show notes had to wait. On this episode I play quiet a few bands that were new to me and some that are not. Here’s who and what I played.

01 The Gee Strings – Candy Christ – Speed Soul Racer – Wanda Records/Ghost Highway Recordings
02 UltraBomb – Bang Punk – Time To Burn – DC Jam Records
03 New Saints – No Restraint – Digital Release
04 The Joy Of Elephant – Sorry Bowie – The Joy Of Elephant – Currently Unreleased
05 The Royal Hangmen – Walking Barefoot In London – Paranoid Nightmares – Foggy Notion Records
06 The Idiot Kids – Introduction/The Machine – The Chapel – Jett Plastic Records
07 High School – High School – Freshman 15 – Dirt Cult Records
08 Ghost – Phantom Of The Opera – 13 Commandments – Universal Music
09 The Empire Strikes – You Crucified Me – The Songs Demolition 23 Taught Us – Ghost Highway Recordings
10 The Diesel Dogs – 1929 – Shipwrecked – Ghost Highway Recordings  
11 Stop, Stop! – Fire, Fire! – Tangled – Self Released
12 The Dwarves – Parasite – Concept Album – Greedy
13 CRYMWAV – Sense Of Adventure – 24/7 ep – Electric Pudding Recordings