The Paranoid Squirrel ep 940

Acweorna! For your musical delectation I talk you through another hours’ worth of the best in Punk, Junk & Glunk. The Black Halos start the sortie after Billy Hopeless sends me a personal message. Killing Joke are up next for sadly the wrong reasons. Geordie Walker will most definitely be missed. For a third week in a row, it’s Black Bombers but this time it’s an original taken from their, out at the end of next month, new LP. The Von Hertzen Brothers are all set to release a live album and on the same day The Hellacopters will be releasing a “Revisited” version of their 1999 album “Grande Rock”, a track from each is obviously played. The City Kids, Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin, The Professionals, The Hallingtons and CJ Wildheart all have released new material that I air. In more sad news Scott “Top Ten” Kempner in his roll as founder member of The Dictators gets this week’s “Covers Corner” underway which is completed by Loveslug and Speedloop taken from my now found “The Bask Records Basement Tapes” CD. Klark Kent aka Stewart Copeland has a demo played with Criminal Damage finishing things off. “Hello Brad & Henry”. Enjoy.
01 The Black Halos – All Of My Friends Are Like Drugs – How The Darkness Doubled – Stomp Records.
02 Killing Joke – Eighties – Night Time – Polydor
03 Black Bombers – Loose Lips – Vive Le Revolution – Easy Action Records
04 Von Hertzen Brothers – You Don’t Know My Name (Live) – Live At Tavastia – Doing Being Music
05 The Hellacopters – The Electric Index Eel – Grande Rock (Revisted) – Psychout Records/Sound Pollution
06 The City Kids – Dead To Me (ft Eddie Spaghetti) – More Filth – Very Fried Artists
07 Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin – I Got Lots Of Problems – Bandcamp
08 The Professionals – No One’s Watching – Back and Better CDs – 14FairLawn
09 The Dictators – California Sun – Go Girl Crazy! – Epic
10 Loveslug – You Sexy Thing – Basement Tapes – Bask Records
11 Speedloop – Stuck In The Middle – Basement Tapes – Bask Records
12 CJ Wildheart – Give The Dog A Bone – SPLiT – Devilspit Records
13 The Hallingtons – I Met Her On A Saturday – Guilty Of Robbery – Part Time Punks
14 Klark Kent – Don’t Care (Demo) – Klark Kent – Kryptone Records/BMG
15 Criminal Damage – Women, Life and Liberty – Punk Fucking Rock – Criminal Damage Records