The Paranoid Squirrel ep 948

Acweorna! On this week’s show the word “Classic” crops up. It’s up to you dear listener to deem what is and what isn’t. No “Covers Corner” for a second week in a row but it is a cover that gets things underway. With the News of The Wildhearts recording a new album and a gig on the 6th June, talk and music obviously revolves around them. With the unexpected death of L.A. Guns drummer Steve Ripley, it seems that particular version of the band has come to its natural conclusion and if you’re going to go out go out in style and “The Dark Horse” certainly does just that. There’s a couple of Janus Stark and Damned tunes thrown in for good measure along with a healthy selection of new songs. Take a look and then a have a listen.
01 Janus Stark – Save The Whale – Student Network Radio – Time & Matter Recordings
02 Johnny Moped – Save The Baby Seals – Living In A Dream World 7” – Damaged Goods Records
03 Chipsum Gravy – Professionally Unemployed – The Good, The Bad And The Gravy – Dammit Records
04 Asomvel – Born To Rock ‘n’ Roll – Born To Rock ‘n’ Roll – Self Released  
05 The Wildhearts – Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes – Mondo Akimbo A-Go-Go – EastWest Records
06 Riley’s L.A. Guns – While I’m Away – The Dark Horse – Golden Robot Records
07 The Black Crowes – Wanting And Waiting – Happiness Bastards – Silver Arrow Records
08 For Closure – Carousel – Digital Single – Mindpower Records
09 Janus Stark – Every Little Thing Counts – Student Network Radio – Time & Matter Recordings
10 The Damned – Testify – Shadowed Tales From Mulhouse – Cleopatra Records
11 The Damned – Gun Fury – Shadowed Tales From Mulhouse – Cleopatra Records
12 Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts – Take The Long Way – Digital Release – Gypsy Rose Records
13 Goodbye Victory Road – All The Soldiers Are Broken – We Are The New Wave – Self Released
14 Thundermother – Speaking Of The Devil – Digital Release – AFM Records
15 Sundrifter – Begin Again – An Earlier Time – Small Stone Records