The Paranoid Squirrel ep 949

Acweorna! Unfortunately, the news of Brother Wayne Kramer’s passing came too late to play anything by the MC5 on this week’s show. I didn’t mention anything, even when playing the Rob Tyner & The Hot Rods track out of respect as I wanted to give him the tribute that he deserves and not some rushed together show or just a footnote. Although, having said that I might edit Sunday’s non-repeat show to pay my respects. Right back onto this week’s episode and for some strange reason a theme of collaborations runs through the show. See if you can join the dots.  
01 Robin Black and The Intergalactic Rock Stars – Teenage Sex (Live) – Planet: Fame – TB Records
02 Joe Desglose – Let’s Go Out Tonight (Demo) – Bandcamp
03 Deniz Tek & Jeff Dahl – Hate – Love/Hate 7” – Cleopatra Records
04 Radio Birdman – Hand Of Law – Radios Appear – Citadel Records
05 Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin – Hey You (We’re Sick Of You) – Bandcamp
06 Steve Vincent – Yesterday’s Man – Recovered From My Past – Bombshell Records
07 The Black Halos – Ain’t No Good Time To Say Goodbye – How The Darkness Doubled – Stomp Records 
08 Rob Tyner& The Hot Rods – Flipside Rock – Till The Night Is Gone (Let’s Rock) 7” – Island Records
09 AntiProduct – Hey Let’s Get It On – Consume And Die…The Rest Is All Fun – Livewire/Cargo Records
10 Chris Catalyst – Call Me – Chris’ Kitchen Disco Vol. 1 – Bandcamp
11 The Middlenight Men – The Middlenight Men Theme – Issue #2 – BandCamp
12 The Psychodahlias – Nothing Gets Me Down –  Flower Power – Digital Release
13 Lucifer – Fallen Angel – V – Nuclear Blast Records
14 Smalltown Tigers – Maybe – Crush On You – Area Pirata Records
15 Howlin’ Jaws – Mirror Mirror – Half Asleep, Half Awake – Bellevue Music
16 Def Leppard – Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) – High ‘n’ Dry – Phonogram Records