The Paranoid Squirrel ep 939

Acweorna! Last night’s “Outside Broadcast” live streamed from my Hotel Room in Nottingham went off without incident. Who needs Barton and Fenny?! Actually, I do as they provided me with a flash drive with everything I needed to make last night’s Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show run smoothly. I kicked the show off with The Wildhearts recorded live at Rock City, then I talk about Johnny Moped’s 70th Birthday Bash with tunes from the supports, WitchDoktors, Charlie Harper, it’s actually the UK Subs but thanks to technology it’s just Charlie’s vocals and Nicky Garratt’s guitar, Monty Oxymoron and of course the Birthday boy himself Johnny Moped with his brand new 7”. “Covers Corner” features The Professionals, Black Bombers and Joecephus And The George Jonestown Massacre ft Danko Jones & Kim Thayil. New music comes from Willie Dowling (sort of), The Puncturists and BITHAMMER! Rounding this episode off is “Compare & Contrast” featuring The Stranglers and in the dock The Answer.   
01 The Wildhearts – I Wanna Go Where The People Go – Rock City Verses The Wildhearts – Round Records
02 WitchDoktors – Neck Tattoo – Neck Tattoo ep – Tribal Vibes Recordings
03 UK Subs – War Head (Paranoid Squirrel Mix) – Brand New Age – GEM Records
04 Monty Oxymoron – Natures Dark Passion – The BeeBoss Sessions – Bandcamp
05 Johnny Moped – Lockdown Boy – Lockdown Boy 7” – Damaged Goods Records
06 The Professionals – Rehab-Born To Lose – Back and Better 7” – 14Fairlawn
07 Black Bombers – You Take My Money – Last Bite 7” – Easy Action Records
08 Joecephus And The George Jonestown Massacre ft Danko Jones & Kim Thayil – Kick Out The Jams – Call Me Animal: A Tribute To The MC5 – Bandcamp
09 Backyard Babies – Brand New Hate – Making Enemies Is Good – BMG
10 Willie Dowling – The Ballad of Vera Daydream – Bandcamp
11 The Puncturists – Everybody’s On Drugs – Everybody’s On Drugs – Dead Swan Records
12 BITHAMMER! – (Making U-Turns On A) Endless Road – Digital Release – That’s Entertainment Records
13 The Stranglers – Nice n Sleazy – Black and White – United Artists
14 The Answer – Wild Heart – Digital Release – Golden Robot Records