The Paranoid Squirrel ep 952

Acweorna! It’s a full on show this week littered with bands that are new to me. That’ll be Tommy Hale, thanks Gerry, Dust Mice, Soul Jacker and Denizens. Of course, Squirrel favourites are represented; The Damned, The Hellacopters, Motörhead and Ramones. Marc Valentine’s new single get spin along with label mates the Nervous Eaters. Wax Mekanix, one of the new bands, get all Beatles on me that had me thinking of Ginger Wildheart’s Hey! Hello! so I play some. Poison Boys have “just” released a split LP with Jonesy but I can only play you the Poison Boys as the Jonesy’s tracks seem to be conspicuous by their absence. A band who are not absent are The Cavemen who fingers crossed will be taking the Ferry/Eurostar to us over here when they tour Europe in May & June.
01 The Hellacopters – Action De Grace (Revisited) – Grande Rocke (Revisited) – Universal
02 Marc Valentine – Tyrannical Wrecks – Basement Sparks – Wicked Cool Records
03 Tommy Hale – Now You Know – All At Sea – Holiday Disaster Records
04 Dust Mice – Dr. Beer – A Room Within A Room – Self Released
05 Soul Jacker – WAR – WAR ep – The GB Recording Co.
06 Wax Mekanix – Shrew’s Fiddle – Psychomimetic – Electric Talon Records
07 Hey! Hello! – Automatic Love – Hey! Hello! Too! (Original Version) – Round Records
08 The Damned – Plan 9, Channel 7 – Machine Gun Etiquette – Chiswick Records
09 Motörhead – Dr Rock – The Lost Tapes-The Collection (Vol. 1-5) – BMG
10 Poison Boys – Knocked Down Again – Poison Boys/Jonesy Split LP – Ghost Highway Recordings
11 Denizens – All Abored – Mind Control – Sounds Of The Suburbs Records
12 The Cavemen – Booze, Ciggies ‘n’ Drugs – Ca$h 4 Scrap – Slovenly Records
13 Nervous Eaters – Vampire – Vampire 7” – Wicked Cool Records
14 Ramones – Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Mono) – Ramones 40th Anniversary – Sire Records